Saturday, September 3, 2011

Really Zed.

Spent most of the day preparing the paper,( 300 lbs. hot press watercolor paper to be exact.) for painting tomorrow. Tomorrow.
Sometimes I get so damn impatient I could ram nails in my eyes or something. Granted if you are to paint one must ground your surface well, or goodbye painting. Basically I have no problem doing the grunt work when it calls for it, but dead god sometimes I really long for the days when I actually had a well stocked studio. I would just go over to the corner and pick out a fresh new Masonite panel,( I've always preferred panels to canvas.) and get right to it. These days I just have to adapt to current conditions as best I can. But it's just so fucking frustrating sometimes you know?
I could have spent all day actually painting something instead of waiting to paint something.
Oh, I hate it when I whine about these things. Just don't get me started on the conditions of the paint I'm using. Half of it are these ridiculous little bottle of "craft paint" as they are called. They cost $2.50 at the local hardware store. Probably have a half life of a week.
Ah, well, better than nothing I suppose.
Even the paper is cannibalized from a thing I started several months ago and stopped when I realized it was to stupid to go on with.
I should have been a writer. I mean, how much does a few Bic pens and a ream of paper cost?
Reporting from down there in Zedsville, yours truly,


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