Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Well, here it is, almost "thanksgiving". A few million turkeys down and a new crop coming up for new years day. Pass the antibiotics mom!

Ok, really, nothing much to say. We're getting by, and the stuff of daily life happens and we get up and do it again. Century Guild will be doing a "Universal Boy" limited edition tee shirt at some point. I voted for the lunch box, who eats lunch any more? Someday, when I'm all grown up and stuff, and I am out and about signing a book here and there, I think I will insist in my contract that a dozen roses be on the table next to me so I can give them to people. Well, at least a dozen people anyway.
Seems like a nice thing to do. I may leave the thorns on.

I hope all of you are alright and making do.
I guess I'll be back when something exciting happens.

Love ya all.