Monday, August 31, 2009


This is your lucky day. I'm writing to tell you all that "things" are happening, but that I can't tell you anything yet. What a wacky business. I do, however, promise to tell you all kinds of strange and wonderful things as soon as I'm able. As far as a "sneak peek" goes, well, not for a bit alas. There is still alot of technical bits 'n bobs to go before any kind of visual stuff can be disseminated to the web. So, shoot me, I don't have a scanner big enough or of high enough quality to do those things.
On another note, I've spent the last week or so, pacing, reading and trying to generally relax. So far, it's working only to a point. I kicked the kid out of the house and he seldom phones home. What's a parent to do? He's got to make his own way or........*sigh*.
On the other hand, I have a number of loose ends and new things I need to do any minute now, but my brain seems to be in freeze mode. I've lived with this thing for so long, and it's been so all consuming that the wake of it's passing has left me feeling a bit stranded. I have no doubt that sooner or later,( i wish it was sooner.) I'll wake up and the head space that I need to get on with it will just be there. Now, I know that as a "professional" many people would call the previous statement indulgent and childish. My answer to them would be, " well, A. I'm not all about comics, and B. stand alone works of art are not squeezed out of a tube when you want some. I don't work at Burger King. That's a pun son.
Oh, and mind your own business.

I just learned, as I'm sure the rest of all you comics type folks out there have heard, Marvel has been purchased by the damn Unholy Mouse... I have nothing to say except I ain't got me no good feel'n about this. I can very easily imagine several of my very best friends getting really, deeply screwed. Other than that, all I'll say is that I'm very, very happy I'm not in that mess.

That's somebody else's house of pain.

Oh yeah, before I go, I have to ask a favor of someone out there who might just happen to stumble over this post on the way to the bathroom. I friend of mine, and my dear Karen's(fabulous) sister was recently in France and sent me several packs of Gauloises. A very old dream of mine was full filled. Now, alright I can hear all kinds of you out there moralizing, so you just be quiet. I smoke. I like to smoke. I want to smoke. So leave me alone about this. I'm a big boy.
Well, the point is, I can not for the life of me find a scorce of real quality Gauloises online with a secure server and reasonable prices. I'm looking for the Brunes with the filter, NOT the blonde's.
I like mine hardcore. A lot.
If anybody knows anything, or anyone who can assist me here I'd be grateful...maybe artwork grateful.
Think about it.

As the days turn slowly into what looks to be a splendid autumn, I have nothing but best wishes to all of you who care, and all of you who've stuck around.
ps: the dog photo is a white doberman.......come spring, I'll have one if i'm lucky. the btca has pissed me off so completely, i'm going back to my roots. i was a proud dobe owner for many many years before bullies came along. more on this at a later date.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


SEPTEMBER 16, 2006.

AUGUST 20, 2009.


I feel lighter than air.
As though a great weight is slowly running like hot wax from my shoulders
and great knots are dissolving from the center of me.
I want to thank all of you who have supported me either through your
purchasing of art or even simply just moral ALL mattered
to me. How much there are no words.

My deepest and heartfelt thanks to all of you.
I simply could not have do it without you all.
If this book never sees the light of day, and remains in a box under my bed
I know Idid it.

it feels really good.

Peace to you all.
Michael Zulli.
somewhere on the great prairie.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


....all the art is finished and the final script is being written and pasted up.

Will this ugly duck be a swan in the end?

I can not say, that is not my place, but I will love it regardless.

all for now.

peace to you.

ps: i know it's an ibis........but i like it. ok?