Saturday, March 13, 2010


I'm writing this as a sort of public service announcement and frankly to keep from writing twelve individual letters that would only say basically the same thing.

As many of you seem to know already, I will be making my first public appearance in seven years at the big Chicago convention next month. I will be hosted by the Century Guild and I'm there to promote my new release that no doubt you all are heartily sick of hearing about.

I simply want to state on the record that I will not be there to sketch and I will not be selling drawings to order. I will not be accepting commissions for head sketches or anything else.

On the other hand, I will be more than happy to sign anything of mine you care to have signed.

I simply want to meet you all and talk about the new book. There will be an exclusive sneak peek sort of book there for sale and there will be stand alone artwork for sale. All of which are non comics related, so if you are looking for a page from "The wake'...well, those pages were all sold many years ago. I personally have almost no old comics pages at all in my possession, and what I do have is not for sale...I am not sitting on a vast hoard of old Sandman pages. I have none at all, having sold them all nearly a decade ago. I hope this is not coming across as harsh, I'm not trying to be intentionally hardass about this...I just don't do Con's anymore to sell sketches, in fact i sincerely doubt I will ever be found with a drawing book in my hand at a convention or book signing again. I've been there and done that to death years ago. I honestly care about all of you out there, but the times change and I've changed with them. I simply want to relax and meet you all, and of course sign things that are either current or part of my past. Do you understand?

I hope so.