Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back and very Black.

It's been a very long time. I suspect most of you don't come here any more.
That's okay, though a bit disappointing but I don't blame you.
I'd split too.
It started with a massive workload and progressed to my computers keyboard
taking a swam dive into nowheresville. I simply couldn't get back online and it took almost two months to find a replacement for the damn thing. It's old and with Mac's old is the cardinal sin.
I'm basically here again for better or worse depending on how friendly you are.
To keep things in perspective just a bit I will run down a few of the things twisted little me has been up to.
it's been a while and I never go back and see what I've previously mentioned so if this gets redundant chalk it up advancing senility.

The gallery show at Nucleus went at least to the fine Eidolon Fine Arts, really well, but to me it still rankles a bit. I sold nothing after fifteen weeks of backbreaking work that I still love a lot.
Basically I felt like an overdressed idiot. I had no idea gallery shows were on the whole, just something to do for the civilians to do after they'd discovered that there was nothing on television. To me, it felt very special so I dressed. Stupid.
As was usual, when I show work comics stuff or otherwise, I give out roses. A memento or just a gesture of appreciation. I couldn't even give them away. It's my opinion now that people are so jaded that a token of thanks is looked at with deep suspicion if it's looked at at all.
Really sad.
Fracture of the Universal Boy is now a real, utterly beautiful book Due out next month sometime. I have no idea if it has any "buzz" or whatever it's called, but after almost two years of screwing around it lives as I intended it to from the first moment I put pen to paper.
On the same note, the second volume in the series of three interlocking ,(though vastly different books.) begins this month and without having to slog commissions on Ebay, it should take far less time than the three years it took to do the first on. You buy my book and I'll give you even better ones. A pact signed in blood sweat and tears my friends.
I just finished an eight page story with Neil due out in November sometime through IDW.
I thinks it's one of the best things I've ever done, so look for it and tell me what you think.
And just lately I have been experimenting with different methods of painting that are really encouraging and have made me happy.
And the kicker is I am working the the fabulous Caitlin R. Kiernan and the astonishing Kyle Cassidy on a multi media gig to embellish Her new Novel, "The Drowning Girl, a memoir."
It is simply one of the top five novels I've read in many many years, and I am deeply honored to be a part, however small in the event. I've been called on to produce some of the best work I've ever had the opportunity to do.
I really urge you to attend any or all events surrounding the books release and BUY THE DAMN BOOK. It's simply not in my vocabulary to describe it. It is so far from the envelope it off the carts. Serious man.

So, besides mentioning that I am up for at least ONE commission, ( as usual please contact Ryan Graff at Eidolon Fine Arts for the commission process.) all I can say is that my head feels like a jar full of bees. So much art, so little time you know?

Can't tell just when I'll be back, but hopefully no to long this time.
Please take care, and be kind to each other. But somebody a rose. Fuck it, it a nice thing to do.