Thursday, April 23, 2009


Bugger. I'm really bad at this blog thing. I get so distracted by work that I honestly forget I don't say anything for weeks.
I suppose if you care to read this from time to time, you'll just have to put up with my being rude and not keeping up my side of the bargain. But I do feel bad-ish about it.
Right then.

The window for commissions is absolutely, and completely closed for possibly a very long time.
The things I have to do are simply to important and to compelling to take time out for whatever else the world wants. Again I feel a bit bad about it, but facts are facts.

I'm on a streak of work that daily leaves me exhausted and emotionally fragile. I'm so deep that I have no idea if anything actually means anything, I'm just riding a tsunami of images that leave me nothing but eyes and hands. My head is iridescent mother of pearl gibberish.

Oh, just a distant and feeble wave to Gail Potoki who is brilliant and a half. Go see the "opened Apples" show this summer anywhere it comes.
Brutal and fey magic.

For now, 'till later,


Saturday, April 11, 2009


...I just wanted to say that.

Geez where to start.
Ok.....Steve Bissette has been blogging history lately and it's been truly fabulous. I get to revisit old traumas and disappointments with the soothing balm of decades of time under the bridge. There is no better way to do it really. The 'ol Zulli curse is woik'in overtime though as the stuff Steve and I found terribly exciting and full of potential garners little if any notice. Even really rare "Alan" material has made nary a peep, squeak or hiss. I get this urge to change my name to "Stephen King" now and again.
I'm working in a mad fever on a new group of dry media pictures that for some reason I'm calling "Animalia". The only thing is there are precious few animals to be seen. Such is the mind of an old Sufi-Gnostic symbolist, romantic. Effin sucks some days.
We endured over a week of massive pre-spring floods, ( no harm as usual except a grands worth of repair to the gardens and driveway.) followed by a foot of snow in a complete white-out.
Now it's getting on to "mud season."

I busted my work glasses by mistake and have resorted to over the counter magnifiers that have left me with a constant headache.

You ever get that solution to dilate your eyes when you go to get glasses? Damn stuff leaves me seeing auras and bouncing off of walls for hours. A small price one guess to stop the pounding in my head and remove the ground glass from behind ones eyes.

Finally getting around to reading some Gene Wolfe.

Did a new cover for "Boy". Love it man.
Umm, well, that's about it, except for the total lack of response to my opening commissions again. Ah, well, some days the monkey on my back quotes Shakespeare.

be peaceful y'all.