Thursday, April 23, 2009


Bugger. I'm really bad at this blog thing. I get so distracted by work that I honestly forget I don't say anything for weeks.
I suppose if you care to read this from time to time, you'll just have to put up with my being rude and not keeping up my side of the bargain. But I do feel bad-ish about it.
Right then.

The window for commissions is absolutely, and completely closed for possibly a very long time.
The things I have to do are simply to important and to compelling to take time out for whatever else the world wants. Again I feel a bit bad about it, but facts are facts.

I'm on a streak of work that daily leaves me exhausted and emotionally fragile. I'm so deep that I have no idea if anything actually means anything, I'm just riding a tsunami of images that leave me nothing but eyes and hands. My head is iridescent mother of pearl gibberish.

Oh, just a distant and feeble wave to Gail Potoki who is brilliant and a half. Go see the "opened Apples" show this summer anywhere it comes.
Brutal and fey magic.

For now, 'till later,


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dogboy443 said...

Keep it together Mr. Zed. The Fractured Boy will come around. Damn I missed the deadline, my bad. I got caught up in life myself. If you do find a small window of time, let me know about a small B&W piece.