Tuesday, May 12, 2009


A flute made of reed.

NEFES or breath that animates.

NAR the fire that transforms the breath.

SU breath and fire becomes water the balm and solvent

Gold to lead to Gold.

For the last two years, a pair of Baltimore Orioles has nested over my drive way. The Spring season has advanced far enough for then to return.

The feeder I've placed near to the nesting sight was visited this morning once again by the male bird, who was being seriously harassed by a much larger and aggressive bird.

The most remarkable thing happened. The male Oriole never ruffled a feather, rather he took a submissive posture and began to sing. He sang as if the bells of angels lived in his throat.

They have naturally a amazing song but this was so loud, so clear and unrelenting that the bigger bird actually backed away and flew off.

The beautiful bugger sang him down.

Air to fire to water. Intent, transformation, peace.


I'm just a window washer. It's my job to keep the dust and grime off the glass so others that look can see what they see.

I sing the dirt off your eyes.

With love,


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