Saturday, May 30, 2009


...The last few weeks went by in a trainwreck, firefight, slowmo, high anxiety, draw as if my life depended on it kind off way. My migration route was disrupted by what, I have no idea.

That's the way it goes every now and again. Nobody to bitch to out here but me, so I squirm like a worm on a hook inches from the mouth of a big fish. And what do I do? Give him a choice finger.

If inspiration won't get you there, often times naked bravado is worth a shot.

Right then, listening to early Ahex Twin, old Bill Nelson, "chance encounters in the garden of lights", some Saafi Bros., John Cale, Krush Kale, and the new Punditz disc.

Enjoying Lucien Levy-Dhurmer's pastels, Gail Poroki's "Opened Apples" stuff ,and the strange melancholy semi-landscapes of John Atkinson Grimshaw's paintings. Not a bunch of film that jumps out at me right this moment.

I should be getting a cover rough to "Fracture" soon.....can't wait.

Guests from Italy at the end of the month.

Up on the drawing board,..." Heliosphan", "Nemesis" and "The Persian Envoy".

Poppies blooming in a few days.

Life simply is...........


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dogboy443 said...

Are you going to post any of these works in progress???