Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Well, here it is, almost "thanksgiving". A few million turkeys down and a new crop coming up for new years day. Pass the antibiotics mom!

Ok, really, nothing much to say. We're getting by, and the stuff of daily life happens and we get up and do it again. Century Guild will be doing a "Universal Boy" limited edition tee shirt at some point. I voted for the lunch box, who eats lunch any more? Someday, when I'm all grown up and stuff, and I am out and about signing a book here and there, I think I will insist in my contract that a dozen roses be on the table next to me so I can give them to people. Well, at least a dozen people anyway.
Seems like a nice thing to do. I may leave the thorns on.

I hope all of you are alright and making do.
I guess I'll be back when something exciting happens.

Love ya all.



chain said...

you had me at "signing a book"

dogboy443 said...

A little bit of your history is kicking around on ebay again. Bidding was low until the seller found out that Steve Bissette inked the page and now the price is getting up there. Damn I almost had it.

Sarah said...

You are feeling better, I hope.. convalescing. In "For the Four" you spoke of being "bone dry." But that's all right... isn't it? Who says you have to crank 'em out, anyway? In the monetary sense it can be useful, yes, but... Well, anyway. Your blog provides a small measure of insight into your personality, which provokes some of us out here toward a mild friendliness toward you. At least one of us hopes that you're getting along all right.

Michael Zulli said...

Dearest Dogboy...I've heard of borish behavior, even insensitive behavior, that managed to encapsulate both. Bravo. Oh, Steve is still a very, very dear friend.
Hmm, least I forget, FUCK EBAY. I'll leave it there. It isn't worth any more time.

Sarah...Trust me when i Say this, I do value gracious comments such as yours a great deal. One reason I rarely write in depth about myself is only because I'd like people to be more intersted in what I DO as opposed to who I am. If the day comes when you can stop and visit me when I'm out in public, please say hello. I'm quite real and feel deeply about many things. Thank you.

dogboy443 said...

Dearest MIchael,
I did not mean to be insensitive to you at all. I remember Steve posting the page in question and I wasn't sure if you were aware of his post. When I saw the page being offered I tried to snag it to keep it in the family. Alas my budget didn't have it this time around. I have bought quite a few Zulli pages because lately local dealers at shows don't have any. They've become a rariety. I apologize if my post seemed insensitive. My wording was possibly inappropriate.

My apologies,

Michael Zulli said...

Ah, my defense, I honestly didn't know it was you. AND...I'm seriously under the weather and streesed. When this happens I tend to get a bit, (ok, a lot) more defensive and irritated than is usual for me. I've had it up to here with people mailing me wanting cheap stuff as if I'm only here to make them happy. " i want the fantastic four battleing galactus while the world burns..and the best i can do is a hundred bucks."*sigh*
Many years ago i sold a lot, well, close to all of my back pages dirt cheap to get by, thereby starting a notion that my work is cheap or free. IT'S NOT AND NEITHER AM I.

I took offense where none was intended and frankly, I'm ashamed of my poor manners. MY apologies to you.
BUT, i still stand by the FUCK EBAY part...heh.