Monday, September 5, 2011

Dispatches from the front.

Before I go any further, I would like to sort of apologize for dunning
everybody for commissions. As I learned from my Rep, Ryan this morning
and it's not really news, but things are tough all over. Real tough.
But, as my father taught me, you'll never know unless you ask, right?
So, that's what I mean by, "sort of" apologize. I had to ask. And yeah, things are tough all over.
Consider the subject closed, okay? I get it. Or, don't as the case may be.
It's cool.
Onward. A great day painting. Discovered a problem I will fix tomorrow. That's good.
it's when you don't discover them that it's time to plan a Viking funeral.
Orders are in from comics shops for "Fracture" and I'm basically pleased. We made a good dent in the twenty five hundred books we ordered. So, that's just peachy.
Sorry for the lack luster post today, but art is a kind of lonely business and on a good day things kind of creep along and incremental changes accrue on a surface in front of your eyes until it's time to wipe everything down and call it a day.

Like watching paint dry you know?



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