Thursday, September 1, 2011

At least it's not still August.

Just finished for the day. Really really painting again.
Which, is very much not like what I normally do, or at least what you all out there see me doing.
In the business I'm in, there has be very little if any real need to actually paint. Oh, I've used paint on things, but I'm talking about a completely different form of painting. This is more like honest classical work done in the 1880's or "90's. Not much call for that shit these days.
So, aesthetically speaking, no robots, no nudes with guns, or whatever it is I've done before.
I used to paint much like this thirty years ago before I changed my mind and decided comics were the to go.
I'm fucking rusty as hell, but the chops are still there. Oh, and as I remember, when I am finished for the day, I am nerved up to incredible levels and feel like I am missing a vital piece of myself.
Work like this stuff always leaves me somehow essentially drained. Badly. And a bit bitchy.
As soon as I wind down, it'll be fine, but for an hour or two, it's one of those, "don't try and pet the dog sleeping in the corner, he bites."
Okay, to answer a question or two from the last post: you will be able to purchase "Fracture" at any self respecting comic book/ media store late this month, I think. Um, not the store bit, the time bit. Please buy lots. I mean it. Since I finished it in '09, things have been really tight 'round these parts. That's all I have to say about that. I hate to sound like I'm whining. But it's easy to do when you owe half the civilized world a lot of money.
And, lets see, thank you for taking a rose. You know who you are. I like being wrong about shit like that. I have always thought of myself and my personal artistic territory to be that of a true romantic, not the kind that has been cheapened by modern media but very, very old school.
Like the night in Geneva when Shelly and Byron and company scared the crap out of each other and true Gothic literature was born.
THAT kind of romantic.

And while I am at it, The painting(s) and stuff I'm currently involved in with Caitlin and Kyle, I am basically doing for the shear love of art. The "Drowning Girl: a Memoir" is absolutely one of the finest novels I've ever had the pleasure to read. It's goddamn dangerous as hell and simply exquisite. This coming March, buy that bloody book as if hell hound were on your trail.
And the paintings are some, if not the single finest stuff I've ever done. Now, don't quote me, but I believe there are plans for multi-media events in the works for the book launch that considering the talent involved, will blow your heads clean off. I MIGHT even show up. You never know.
Okay, you kids behave, daddy has a headache.

Be back as soon as possible.


ps: where's that damn commission i asked for? seriously. you know you want to, right?

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