Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So far, the time away from my tools and rituals has been good for me as I hoped it would be. A nice sense of the fast approaching season has settled into my routine of the day, leaving me as calm as I really ever get.

With Soma radio set to ambient music and a good book, occasionally pausing to let my mind drift through long lace curtains at the sun dappled trees. As much as I always need to do, politely set aside for a bit, I can't help but wonder what the return to the studio will be like. Ah, well, best not to dwell.

In the mean time, and not just to toot my own horn, but to really encourage you if possible to attend the Sandman exhibition at Gallery Nucleus coming soon in early October. Here's the link if you're interested. It promises to be really special, with a vast array of art in as many mediums as there are interpretations of the universe that Neil and I as well as many, many other gifted artists could *ahem* dream up.

The images at the top are shots of the large piece I did exclusively for the showing.

Please, participate in any way you can.........

Now, I'll get back to my private little space out.

Be kind,


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