Sunday, September 21, 2008


I've just left part two of a three part post in "Working". I hope, if you're interested, please stop by and give it a look.

These last four days, I've taken off to, well, simply stop for a while. I've been at the "Fracture of the Universal Boy" for nearly three years now, along with a seemingly endless parade of commissions and various things for sale on eBay. I'm frankly, beat up. I really needed some space to well, space. I've been reading a lot, mostly Patricia Cornwells stuff I've missed over the years. Along with Andrew Vach's stuff.....yeah, I love detective slash crime fiction a great deal. A great way to unwind if I do say so myself. It's been great to just wake up, stare out the window and read until my head's full. So, back to work for a while tomorrow, at least just to take stock and swat the spiders that have, no doubt left a mess on the drawing boards.

No rest for the driven, eh?

Be well and read more.


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