Tuesday, September 16, 2008


This is just a quick note to say that I've posted a new thing over in "Working" and that I have about fifteen pages to go before all the art for "Fracture of the Universal Boy is finished.

Well "finished" in the sense that the main body of drawing is over. I still have to go through it, paginate again and make corrections and add special effects. But still....*sigh*, you have absolutely no idea how tired if this monster I am.

Really. There is just a massive amount of drawing. So far I've destroyed twenty to twenty five pen nibs at least, and close to half a gallon of india ink. No assistants, no outside funding, no overlords save my own sense of story, and content. It's as much a true work of art as anything in this medium can be. And it's mine. Fall or rise, it's what it is. The truth.


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sv_potts said...

How unfortunate that we find ourselves on different continents. I would be more than happy to offer assistance, and lighten your workload.