Saturday, September 27, 2008


Do you wanna know a secret? Sort of a nonsense question because in this age of mass voyeurism and the fact that at any given moment hundreds or thousands,( if I stretch my ego far enough.) could be sharing this selfsame "secret".

Wanna know why I really quite working for the big, and possibly the small (new boss same as the old boss) publishers?

I grew a spine. I quite dragging my knuckles when I walked.

I stood upright and didn't think the banana's and occasional pineapple thrown at me for good behavior was good enough to live behind emotional bars.

If ever the time comes when artists, illustrators, design people of all stripes and persuasions ever stand up straight and demand an end to the manipulation and merry pranks......the world as well as the monkeys behind bars will be better off.


And hey, come on, while we're at it, howsabout fessin up yourself.....You say, "Bravo" and cheer me on, but in your heart of hearts, you really wish I could just get back to work in the paper mill and give you those 'ol Sandman books again......the sales numbers prove it.

I could do little sandman paintings for a hundred bucks a pop and be busy until I fell over dead in my chair.

Sorry about the was inevitable.

be kind, if possible you post modern, no history, electron poppin cool cats and kitties,


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T'Abby Normal said...

I consider your Sandman art to have been a very lovely and welcome introduction to everything else I've been able to view that you've created. Thanks so much for sharing.