Thursday, June 19, 2008


This is a piece about memories. Mine. I honestly haven't got a clue about yours, so my writing about them would be unseemly to say the least. I mean, who knew you were a government researcher who inadvertently discovered a cure for Ebola? Not me.

It is my firm belief that "time" as we know it, that is, past, present, future, doesn't exist. It's just something our brains need to cope with the world, as we know it.

It's ALL happening in the eternal now.

Lately, in my quiet moments I've had a series of memories of my mid-adolescence that are both terribly Sweet and very troubling to some extent. Troubling in the sense that there are a few people, friends and acquaintances that I'd like to know if they are happy with their lives....or, at least still alive. My generation had a rather high damage rate.

I can hear you now, "mid life crisis shit." That would be quiet presumptuous of you to say the minimum. I had mine years ago, and am well past that nonsense.

This is a list, not comprehensive at all, but the ones that I would honestly like to know how they are. No big idiot reunion thing......just to set my curiosity at rest. I fully realize that "time" has gone by. A lot of it. But, as I stated earlier, we are all just as we were, as we are all, as we all are now.

Barbara Tipett: married I know, the last I knew, in Colorado somewhere. I always felt she knew my secrets but was to kind to tell me. In those troubled years, I felt safe with her.

Laural Heter....The greatest dame I ever met. "Cool" was invented for her. I heard last that she was a brilliant stained glass artist. She is one person I pray has had a good life. Her parents were the best.

David Alwes aka: enigma wrapped in another. Took of to California.... I see a crow on a branch in winter, and that reminds me of David.

Bruce Mckay...... I may have forgotten an "A" in his name....the first musician I ever saw that played so hard his fingers bleed. A great guy. Last spotted in the early eighties.

Vicky Bandowski........A conversation in the park saved my life without her ever knowing.

Louise........hard to know, but I trusted her somehow.....

Leslie.....I should have paid more attention.

To these few people, I'd like you to know, I remember and these memories have kept me safe all these years. I love you all.

What a life I've had/have.

That's all, time to go to work. For me, work is life.


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T'Abby Normal said...

I know what you mean. My curiosity comes and goes in waves.