Saturday, June 21, 2008



In hindsight, ( and we all know hindsight is just the best.) my last post, waxing nostalgic was an exercise in futility. Most, if not all the people mentioned probably haven't thought of me in twenty years or more. One imagines that's just how it should be.

After all, these are my daydreams, and no one else's. Tra Laa.

Ok, now here's a quick low down: back to work finally, on my monster....two chapters to go my friends and the bulk will be finished. I can practically smell the freedom.

I'm pleased with the last commission Fhionn sold on eBay....completed it last evening.

And, my dear, dear friends, would anyone out there knows where I could find a FREE readable Moroccan or middle eastern font? A simple, no hassles download. Gotta have it soon.

I'm SO damn tired!!! Really.

While ill recently, I planned out an alter piece just to keep from going couch crazy.

It needs work.

Be safe and aware,


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