Friday, December 28, 2007


I spent most of yesterday working hard to ward off an heavy sadness over the death of Benazir Bhutto. There are days that for one brought up first hand with the great assassinations of the sixties when I truly fear for the people of this world who simply want to live in peace and worship life and love as best they can. It really hurts when I realize that the madmen who flew those planes hijacked an entire religion. It hurts nearly as bad when i realize that "the powers that be, in search of a new enemy,( we are still on a war economy, a leftover from world war two) have convinced so many that Islam equals madness.

So, this is for the Bhutto family and the people of Pakistan.

There was a Persian king Who wanted to know

What he could say on Every occasion

That always would be so true


circles and changes Illusions,

always changing

Like the wind and the rain

He summoned three wise men From his eternal throne

One from each border Gave them his order

To write words always true

The wise men thought so hard

For a night and day

Found these words to say

on Every occasion,

These things too shall pass away .

Reading the responses to the news on AOL i was dismayed to read the vitriol and inhumanity that passes as comments on the barbaric murder of a former head of state. Bhutto was not perfect by a long shot, but that being said, no one should pass away in such a moment of sensless hate.

So, here is a tribute to all those people, both great and small who've been the victim of two rights making a wrong. and two wrongs making it even worse. A song by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan adapted by Junoon.

play it loud. pray for peace.


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