Sunday, December 30, 2007



The very stuff of my life. I have an almost addictive need for film, music and books. On my budget however, the every popular eBay and a few select thrift stores are my main sources these days. Whatever works I suppose.

With this in mind, as the year winds down, here is a bit of what's impressed me these last twelve months. Remember, these may not be "current" as they might be, just new to me. The thrift store thing ok?

The top of my list for film this year goes to Sir Ridley Scott's "Kingdom of Heaven" directors cut four DVD package. A more beautiful, human, and detailed film I can't imagine. Utterly lovely.

The next would be "Bug". Months after I saw it, it still sticks.

Very much worth mentioning would be, "The Fountain". In my opinion, a miracle of a film.

As far as music goes, I'd have to pick Robin Guthries,(Hi Robin.) "Continental". Guthrie in fine form.

Ulrich Schnauss's "Goodbye" a close second.

Of course, Bill Nelson with "And We Fell Into a Dream" Bill is truly finding an original path all his own. It's a deep, arabesque of an album of work. Bravo Bill!

Honorable mention to "Richard Butler's first solo effort, rather aptly titled, "Richard Butler."

Mercan Dede's "SU", rounds out my music list.

For books this year, the standouts are, Clive Barkers, "Mr. B. Gone." Far to clever for his own good is Mr. Clive. A really great read.

Dan Simmon's "Hard as Nails". With his Joe Kurtz, Simmons impressed the hell out of me. The character is new to me, so thanks be the person or person's unknown that saw fit to donate it to ye oldde thift shop.

"Awakened Dreams" ( Raji's journeys with the mirror dede) buy Ahmet Hilmi practically glowed in the dark.

And last but not by any means, the least, the first book of R.Scott Bakker's trilogy "The Prince of Nothing: The Darkness That comes Before" was another thrift store find. Jaysus marynjoseph but I'd love to get my hands on the other two. Maybe I'll stumble across them this year coming.

That's what's so great about a new year......the possibilities are endless.

Everyone, a fine new year to you all,

with much love for the support and dedication.


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