Thursday, December 20, 2007

Seasonal things, etc, etc........

Before I get to the basic "big book" news, I'd like to just say a few things publicly about birthdays, (mine.) and Christmas in general.

I've had this wish for nearly as long as I have been painting. I'd really love to paint an altarpiece. A big classic altarpiece. Huge even. Granted, it would probably be a bit unorthodox as far as the genre goes, and it would take a very open minded church, but it's a dream of mine that's never left me. It's traditional to make a wish while blowing out ones candles on the cake at ones birthday, but since I prefer pie, ( a perverse streak a mile wide.) ( wink) and since I'd rather not have aforementioned cake anyway, I'll simply blow out an imaginary forest of candles and make my wish in public. I wanna paint an altarpiece. That's ok with you guys?

If that wish seems a bit demanding for you all, I would give my second place wish that Fracture of the Universal Boy be picked up by a publisher that "gets it' and would believe that really good production is it's due. I'm more convinced day by day I've hit my marks on this one, and with the end in the foreseeable future, very proud indeed of the work and it's quality.

Now a special thank you to my dear Karen, aka: Fhionn. She is my hearth and home and the very best thing to happen to me in the now strange long saga of my life. Where she is, is home.

And, my list of major thanks go out to Neil Gaiman, who's always seemed to understand the time warp me and my work comes from. That kind of aesthetic sympathy means the world to me.

To Barry Windsor-Smith, a better friend and at times mentor has been beyond price to me. He's also a true gentleman and one of the truly great storytellers of the modern age.

These thanks go also to Dr. David White and his family for a tough Irish tenacity in putting up with my nonsense for as long or longer than I've been online. I simply couldn't have done it without him.

Thanks and friendship go to Mr. Phil Lawton of Birmingham England for his wit and understanding during some of the darkest days of my life......A truly incomparable mind and talent. Here's to you Mr. Bass-man. PUR-DANG BABY!.

Also, many, many thanks to Stephen Murphy for the beginning that never stopped being one. The man is simply one of the most unique minds in the business. He IS the zeitgeist.

To Dave Sim, my utmost respect and thanks for taking a chance and saying "yes" when "no" would have been far less trouble.

The list could go on for a very long time if I were of a mind to spend next to forever remembering and writing, but you all must surely know who you all are......and just because I have not said your name here, that by no means says you all are not far from my heart.

To you all who care about my work, and to those who've supported me over the months and years, my profound gratitude.

Blessed season to you all.


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Anonymous said...

You should totally paint an alterpiece. Rothko's chapel is obviously very different from your work but his piece as well as Matisse's church work has always drawn me in. Some church must be interested...?

Also, I love that pic... is that Karen? It's gorgeous.