Thursday, September 8, 2011


Gods, (whichever you prefer.) what a day.
I spent nearly all day in the studio flopping around like a beached trout gasping for air for an IDEA, and idea. I started two different things only to very, very quickly dispose of them before they caused my eyes to bleed.
But, my dear old muse came back from Ikea with a brand spanking new IDEA.
I gotta hand to the old dear, she occasionally comes up with a whopper.

It seems I am not done with my run on subjects in, and around water. So, for the next week or so I will be sailing the stormy seas on a doomed clipper ship. What fun!
Then, oh yes, and then, I get to start the new book, "Opium: variations for quill and vapor."
Well, at least the prologue. After that, I need to wait a bit for some ship, any ship to come in, hell, even a leaky skiff, so I can purchase the needed paper. Then it's full sail for the next YEAR to get this monster out of my head.
Hey kids! "Graphic Novels" are fun!

What a life.


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