Friday, September 16, 2011


Hhmm, bet that got your attention you that notice at all.

A quick word about "Fracture of the Universal Boy".
Imagine a walnut.
you hold it in your hand, and feel the smooth crenelated surface. You
fell it's weight in your hand, notice as it warms, it gives off a subtle nutty fragrance.
You might if so inclined, pop it into your mouth and roll it around a bit. Not very tasty, but
kind of interesting none the less.
But, if you do the work, crack it open you have the meat, the essence of the nut at your disposal.
"Boy", is like that nut. Nothing on the outside is worth anything. If, however you extend a little
effort, what's really going on parts like veils. And believe me there are a lot of them to part.

Here is really why I'm here: today, September sixteenth, two thousand and eleven, at seven fifty seven AM, I officially started "Opium: variations for quill and vapor."
As I write this I have already penciled three pages of the prologue, and will have the rest finished by days end.
I have waited and planned for this day for over six months. Today. Exactly.

I may not, at the moment have a pot to piss in, but I have seldom been happier.
I have this rare and fragile thing, newly born in my hands and as the days go by, I will be there as it gets stronger and stronger until IT tells ME what to do.
So, mark this day well.
I suspect it will take about a year give or take, and I will undoubtedly suffer the torments of the damned from time to time, as well as flights of unbelievable freedom.

At least I hope so.

I will keep you posted, and if the whim takes me, a preview now and again.


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Charlito and Mister Phil said...

Wonderful news, Michael. I wish you the best of luck on your newest journey. -Phil