Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Slouching towards Jerusalem.

I'm done with art.

Just kidding. I am done with the drawie stuff for a while.
It struck me this morning,( one of those three am my head won't stop mornings.)
that i have been extremely remiss in writing down a veritable avalanche of ideas,
notions, concepts and my usual tonal abstract word play that many of my otherwise
three dimensional artwork springs from.
The problem that's more than likely holding all this shit from finding it's way out of
my head is the fact that I have a very old power book with emotional issues. It's just damn
difficult to actually write anything down and properly save it for later, and I really hate writing longhand. Blame that if you will on my catholic school upbringing. After I got away from the gentle ministrations of Sister Mary De Sade I promised myself to promptly forget the rules and regulations of perfect fifties and sixties longhand. The result being my hand writing looks remarkably similar to a spider on speed. Hence: I hate it. Hoisted on my own petard. Yea. That's me all right.
Anyway, my tortured childhood aside, I may in the next week or so post a lot of indecipherable bullshit here. Basically just doing things I have a need to remember in some kind of retrievable form. Please, no hate mail, or bomb threats. I have a propensity for thinking very odd and somewhat arabesque thoughts, which to someone on the outside would find either nearly blasphemous or possibly ridiculous. But it means something to me. I honestly don't mean to upset or outrage anyone. Comment if you like though there is no guarantee that I will post them. For all I know my inner nonsense might be quite mundane to any one else. But, I never let that stop me before, so why start worrying about it at this late date?
I suppose this just my way of posting a public service announcement. Fair warning?
Whatever. Okay?

I might be back later. Just don't mind me. I'm harmless. Really.



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