Wednesday, March 2, 2011


This is the deal. Things have changed, and to my way of thinking, much for the better.
I am now represented by Eidolon Fine Arts, run by the wonderful and talented Ryan Graff.
In other words I have somebody at my back, somebody that I can both trust to have my best interests at heart and more importantly, act on them.
I simply could not be happier.
But, and listen closely, this is a big "but". Anyone who wants anything from me in the way of artwork, MUST go through Ryan first. Thats the way it works. Please do not write me for commissions. When I announce that I have time for a few, you should write Ryan at Eidolon and he will pass it on to me. If I accept he will handle the whole thing. If on the other hand you just want to talk a bit or say something to me please don't hesitate to write through the website.
It may take time for me to get back to you but I WILL try to. I find myself very, very busy these days making art, which I gather you and I both want me to do. So everybody wins.
And please my friends, don't break Ryan, he's a really nice man and works very hard on my behalf. I'd hate have to look for another twenty years to find another one.

Peace and much love to you to the mythical garrett.


ps: we have anew business model in place beginning over at kickstarter, we have something like eighteen days to go, please consider helping us bring the work directly to you. i am intensely gratified and very pleased by the response so far: your help will enable us to get more, and most importantly, finer quality work to you for months and months to come with your assistance.



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Kitty Cat said...

so so so proud of you and pleased--
and can't wait to see you here in LA.
i have you in my heart, MZ. Kitty