Sunday, March 27, 2011



There are these times. Times when I have run out of materials, and all to frequent occurrence,
and I have ordered them that I find myself strangely suspended. A day or two is okay, as it simply clears my head, and helps me to otherwise cool down from whatever run of things I have been on. Basically, just a bit of room to breath. If I had a limitless supply of materials, I would probably have to be told to quit by loved ones, a bizarre sort of art intervention.
But, after three or four days, I start to get kind of twitchy. There is this mental itch that I can't reach and it slowly starts to erode my equilibrium in unhappy ways.
I am in the middle of one of those dead air times right now. That's why is post is boring.
I am rested, ready and can't go anywhere.
Fed Ex has me by the balls.
Not pretty.

This is what I am going to be doing in a few more days:

A. A special piece for fund raising. More on that tomorrow. Stay tuned my dear ones, as it is seriously important to me.
B. A portrait of Amanda Palmer. That's going to be a "go deep" kind of thing, and I doubt you'll ever see it, but you might.
C. A portrait of Kyle Cassidy and Trillion Stars. Another exercise in real hard ass seriousness.
D. Three new pieces of personal work I have been longing to do for months and months now.
After all that happens I order paper for the new book. More dead time. And this time I will very likely need it.

Now, go by something from the "Lined in Lead" exhibition from Gallery Nucleus.
I really really need food 'n stuff.
They have payment plans damn it.


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Kitty Cat said...

i sent a persistent pixie to tweak the ear and driving foot of TheFedExMan. she shall do her best to bring the materials to your hand.
meanwhile, squirrels, birds and all cats send their hellos!