Saturday, October 16, 2010


" They nailed Jesus to the cross,
Put a hole in JFK, put Hitler in the drivers seat,
And looked the other way."

tonio-k. "life in the food chain."

Yup, it's that old soft shoe,

the small print,

three card monti,

the old shell game,

bait and switch,

it's, "hey, twenty bucks to run this bag across the street",

"hey man, this is the good stuff",

buy now, pay later,

you would if you love me,

checks in the mail,

mr. carpet bagger,

just sign here, and here, and here,

Words to the wise.


1 comment:

Jim said...

I wrote something like this, only much more graphic and profane, when I was in high-school. Fifty years later, I feel no different. My father was friends with HH Humphrey and voted liberal all his life, as have I.