Monday, February 15, 2010


A very heartfelt thanks to all of you who have written in either to express concern or to ask for a piece of commissioned work. I'm all set and have the things I need to do all lined up.
I'll be busy from a few weeks so I may not get back for a bit. Never fear, you all are never far from my mind...I've been blessed with while not millions of you, I do have a core of quantity people who give a shit. More than I deserve probably. Thankful none the less.

Now, on with the show..oh, and Karen is doing fine, considering.




Charlito and Mister Phil said...

Very glad to hear it. Best to you both.

Bunnicula said...

It's wonderful to hear that things are getting better with the winter at last getting past. I believe, sir, that your supporters are with you with everything you do. That said, more luck on your next painting and the release of your book! Looking forward to it!!!