Sunday, January 25, 2009

THE SOUND OF.........

Where to start? Beginning these things always freezes me up, like answering machine messages.

Urp, uuhhhhh......... umm... hi there. Burble, burble..........

I just received an early Valentine's day gift. My dear, utterly adorable Fhionn sprang a Bose music system on old CD player was halfway into the rubbage bin, and when I work, as some of you may well know, I must have music. But this, well, slap me into next week. Totally floored ya know? It's everything they say it is. As a lover of world/ambient/electronic music, the sound is just fabulous. I mean, I've listened to disc's I've had for years suddenly come alive.

I'm a happy Michael. And a happy Michael, works really well indeed. Much nicer than a grumpy me. Grumpy me is no fun at all let me tell you.Right then, here's the deal, something possibly someone out there in blogger-land could help me with.
I absolutely need to find an album,( listen to me, "album", jeez.) by a group/person called "Number Nine Dream". The album title is "recycle or die." It has two cuts on it called "a letter in three parts", and "la lune de miel". It's also seriously out of print. So, the first person who can find it for me, will get a get big goodie hot from the studio to your living room. I mean it man. I've taken to the fainting couch and don't know if I'll make it if I don't get this bit of music. My friend Dr. Brad is worried, dude. *cough,*cough* hack, weeze* gasp.

Oh yeah.....I don't know much about this wikapeidia,(sp?) stuff, but in a rare moment of vanity I tried mine.......Great Cesar's Ghost!! Somebody do me better than that fer crying out loud. I mean, really.
I don't mean to gripe, but it was just pathetic. Somebody conversant with my public history and work should do something about that.
Oh, and listen to Amanda Palmer.......she's the bee's knees. I like the cut of her jib and other various nautical whatnot's. Heads in the right place. A lot to be said for that these days.
Oops, gotta get back to work.

Be kind, it's easy.


shade said...
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shade said...

scrapped the previous comment -
i think i have found it :)

(happy dance :)


sent email to seller asking for details, and if it's the right one -
expect a surprise by mail :P



shade said...

aaargh aargh
they don't return any of my correspondence....


will not give up though :) just a matter of time :D