Monday, November 17, 2008


Yeah, I'm busy all righty. If I turn around to fast, I'll see myself coming. No snickers you lot.

Right then, to the meat, then the murder.

I'm starting a series of works on paper called "Sophia Gnostica" exploring women's spiritual growth and the pitfalls therein. Yeah, I'm way the hell out on a limb here without a net.My kinda place these days. Then, back to the Book after a bigass commission...
The website will be changing slightly in the days to come....nothing drastic, just a bit of a freshen up.
I'm planning a one man show of original work for late next year. Ego or what? I'd like to pull it off if possible. Just think all that pretentious stuff in one place, *shudder*.
That's it for now I think.....must run. Like watercolor in the rain.

Be kind....
PS: If you're reading this, would Phil Lawton please email me with a workable address or phone number? I can't seem to get though to you.

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