Saturday, November 8, 2008


Commissions. Thank you all from my heart.

I truly and absolutely mean it. But.
I haven't made a dime in well over a month because the stuff I've accepted has been a textbook case of diminishing returns. I takes weeks sometimes to complete one, and the price paid while probably significant to those paying it, to me,( and I never ever discount that the price paid means something to you all.) the funds evaporated many weeks ago and I'm still up to my eyeballs in commission-land. I honestly try to give my best to you all, I can't think of another way to do it. It's just that at this point I simply can not afford to keep it up. Let alone afford to actually take commissions. The hours spent comes out to less than minimum wage. Would you honestly expect to pay less than minimum wage to any professional?

Frankly, I'm burning out very very rapidly here with little to justify continuing. So, until further notice, anyone wanting to commission work from me must get it in stone within the next seven to ten days. Period.

At this point, I have not so much as touched my book in eight to ten weeks, and I'm ten to fifteen pages from finishing the major bulk of art. I have very personal work sitting staring at me every day that I can't finish. (I'm working towards a one man gallery show next year.) And frankly my health ain't so great. And the effort isn't paying off. I detest the torsion between commerce and art but I do believe in doing fair and honest business......I have a household to support and all the things most people take for granted are as I speak, beyond me.

This is not sour grapes by any means, just an honest appraisal of the space I find myself in. I believe I'm allowed that much dignity. So, at this stage of the game I'm willing to starve to get a handle on bigger and more lasting things, things that will pay off down the road.
Ok, one more time: all commissioned work must be in and on my desk in about a week or so, after that, no more for some time.

I hope you all can understand.......please.



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