Wednesday, May 28, 2008


“…the twist, the turn of thy hair -

tell me, what be the reason?

Thy inebriated eyes’ distant stare-

tell me, what be the reason?

…though rose petals have not been scattered …

thy rose scented aura…

tell me, what be the reason.
- Jalal ud din Rumi

Just to let you all know, the Willy Fund material is nearly finished. I'm really pleased with it.

You all will see it later, but for now, It'll need photographing.

The Duo shade paper for the last two chapters of the book are ordered and I'll begin as soon as it arrives. At last the end is in sight after two and a half years of struggling to make it work.

Oh, the next book is plotted and the cover designed. It's to called "the birds of winter". It's slightly shorter than this one.....under a hundred and seventy pages. And, I'm returning to a very finished pencil medium for this one. More on this in the next few months.

I'm also looking for a rose for the garden....Karen is a rose aficionado and the one I'm after is an original scource rose from Persia. How's that for a piece of trivia?

Remember, the true war is the one we wage inside.

Love to all.


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