Saturday, May 31, 2008


It's not what you might think. Not an angst filled rant about a troubled piece ordered by a fine supported of the arts, namely, mine. Far from it. Rather I have a few thoughts on the piece that intrigues me. On the surface, a rather straight forward thing: Ramadan Sandman. Apart for finding reference on the design P.Craig Russell came up with oh, so many years ago, I have a chance to explore my love of Islamic tile work. Now, I'm well aware I could have skipped over all the nonsense, and fudged the whole thing. I fudge really well when I have to, but this is not the Zulli way my friends. I've got to dig deep and this means both authentic and meaningful. If you've taken a moment or two to look closely at the photo's above, you'll see what a delightful pickle I've gotten myself into. Ouch.

What can I say? Where my heart goes so do I.

I feel in love with Islamic interiors years ago while at Vertigo on a Sandman Presents with Alisa Kwitney. The script called for tile work of a distinct Middle Eastern flair. I was to say the least, stunned buy what I was called on to produce.....forgive me but, "Oi Vey! So I did what any freelancer does when faced with such complexity.....I fudged it. But the memory of the astounding craftsmanship and the fabulous blues and greens and browns remained a lasting pleasure for me.

To give the lovely Alisa her due, I hope I at least managed to give the pages in question the right flavor.

These days I find the use of tile work in Islamic culture a constant source of inspiration and delight. How these tile makers handle the overwhelming detail of the huge surfaces they cover with the seemingly effortless grace of thousands of intricately woven patterns of tiles is beyond me. Whole walls seem to float light as air in arabesques of blue and blue on blue. They seem from another world.

So, I've set myself to doing the best job I can on aforementioned commission and grace a piece with a reasonable rendering of tiles. It's what both drives me to distraction and makes this job so captivating.
As long as I don't get nuts an throw is a few carpets I believe I'll be sane when it's finished.



with love to you all.


“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right-doing, there is a field. I will meet you there.”


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