Friday, February 15, 2008


"In a green island, there was a mysterious meadow, ruled by a lonely robust bull who fed on its abundant foliage without having to share even a single blade of grass with someone else.
But the voracious bull would consume all its green slopes till sunset, growing big as a monster, but leaving the island completely barren.
This would at the same time give rise to an immense fear of starvation in him, as he had nothing left to survive the next day.

So by sunrise, this worry would torment and make him emaciated and thin as a thread.
But all of a sudden in the magical island, the grass would grow again high above his horns, and the bull set on a grazing-spree to lose even his leisure to ruminate.
It had been happening for centuries, but every night the anxiety of tomorrow would reduce him to bones and the bull could never convince himself against it."


Gulity as charged your honor.

The studio is still semi-frozen, but getting there.
When waiting on the inevitable, it's difficult not to dream of all the what-ifs of tomorrow.

Steady as she goes,

just because.

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