Monday, February 18, 2008



I went into the studio today, expecting, no, really expecting to just dig in and WORK .

But, while not reeeally frozen anymore, a cold front blew in late last night with winds from due north. The ambient ait temp was hovering around the upper forties in there. To cold to really get anything done. So, another day of forced inactivity. I feel abit like the donner party, only the sole member. Eat myself.

Right. Save me a leg.

So, here's a brief entertainment: just a little number by Peter Murphy,"The Scarlet Thing in You". One of the cleverest Sufi songs I've ever heard. Sufi love songs work on many levels, the trancendant, the mundane,( I won't say, profane because that would be misleading) and the space between. His Wife did the corriography. She's the Turkish national dance theaters director. It also rocks hard. Play it loud.

Right then.

It will become invevitable that the days grow warmer, though right now I'm trying with some willpower to not climb the drapes. I'm looking to buy fonts for the final lettering as I can't afford the real thing. Just more work for my bad self. Though, the damn things havn't gotten any cheaper over the years have they? Nosireee bob.

My friend Malena sent me a cut from the Hidden Variable cd her vocals are feartured on. I can't say enough. Honestly, it's pure spine tingleing stuff. She's gotta voice like river deep mountain high baby. Now, if it'd just come out. Seems these days all I do is wait. My ass is getting really comfy with my thumb.


Think spring my dear friends, think spring. Hard.


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