Sunday, May 22, 2011


People have been lately writing me a lot lately and asking for considerably cheaper commissioned work. They invariably comment that they wish they could afford my prices.
The sad fact is that even at a thousand dollars I barely make under half of that. Why?
Well I am "self employed". Freelance.
The average commission takes me two weeks or more give or take. This is seven days a week, Six to ten hours a day. Frankly, I work my balls off. I don't "slog off" anything. I take what I do for me, and for you very, very seriously. I always deliver. Always.

At say five hundred a week out of that comes a lovely thing the government likes to call, "Self employment tax" as well as social security tax, plus state tax. Add that with the cost of the best materials I can afford plus Eidolon's cut and I end up with a whisker over minimum wage.
Viewed this way, a thousand turns into a deal. I need at least one commission a month to make ends meet and then just barely. I am not by any means some prick swimming in filthy loot.
If it wasn't for quarterly royalty payment from past work, I'd be homeless. That's a fact.
The reason I now have top shelf representation is because Eidolon works very, very hard on ensuring my future as a free artist with the ability to grow personally and professionally.
I need somebody watching my back if I am to progress. I owe a lot to Ryan and Eidolon. If not for them, my book "Fracture of the Universal Boy would never have seen the light of day, or if it did, it would have been a pitiful shadow of what you will all be able to purchase come September.
I would dearly love to be able to give you all wonderful images for nothing or next to, that's just honestly who I am. But reality bites and the cost of just being alive can be staggering. Believe me, I have no television, no cell phone, no ipad, no digital camera, no swimming pool, or ATV to go gallivanting about the woodlands. I haven't bought a pair of shoes in two years and I wear basically thrift store finds.
But, that's okay as long as my family is taken care of and there is decent food on the table.
If you want a low, (very low compared to other artists.) priced drawing from me, please come see me at San Diego or someplace like it. Hey, I know I have been less than visible these last few years, but that is changing very rapidly. I love to meet you, all of you people who have supported me over the years, and that being said, is why I will often draw you something at cons or in stores for next to nothing. I truly appreciate it. I need you all very much.
Now, if you want something from me, just goggle EIDOLON FINE ARTS, and write to Ryan and ask....if I can, I will. Okay? Promise.

With much love,


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