Sunday, May 8, 2011


By and large, the funny book business is full of some pretty nice people.
But like in and "industry", there are some really nasty, rude, self important assholes
out to ruin your day any chance they can get.
The worst of the lot are the so called,"art dealers". That's why, for at least a decade, when I want, or need to offload some original art I have, and will only sell to Scott Eder.
He's fair, intelligent, and while by necessity looks for a deal, plays up front.
Now, if you have ever had a happy experience with anyone else, well my personal opinion
is that you just got lucky.
My dear Karen just got extremely and nastily slammed by a so called "fan site" for doing nothing more than trying to protect my interests. Bless her. I often let to much slip not wanting to make a fuss. It's really nice to have a hundred and eight pound tigress in my corner. Nobody I have ever had a meaningful relationship with has ever been before.
It seems to me,( and I may be wrong, but I don't think so.) that when disputes arise, it really isn't that difficult to, at the least, behave in a civilized fashion.
She simply did not deserve the treatment she got.

Some people are just innately miserable. It truly make me wonder, and most assuredly makes me sad.

Don't waste your time with human Quaaludes.



dogboy443 said...

I've bought some your artwork, and other artists work, through Scott from his ebay account. I got great art at fair prices. My only gripe would be his shipping costs and his only using FedEx.I've bought from other dealers (Anthony's Collectibles and Coolines) and I've had decent experiences, but in the long run, if I can contact the original artist(s), I would much rather pay them. I've found people like Guy Davis, Vince Locke and Steve Bissette very easy to do business with.

kprattsmith said...

I love you.