Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Today both my dogs went into surgery to remove tumors.
The local vet has kindly extended a line of credit because we can't pay for it.

I NEED A COMMISSION. MAYBE TWO. Please consider it. I'll entertain any reasonable request what so ever. Yeah, even fucking Batman. I mean it. I'll temporarily reduce prices also.
Those of you who know me know how dearly I love my girls. Just right to Ryan Graff C/O
Eidolon Fine Arts and ask. It's a piece of cake. Really.

From my heart,


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Serenity said...

I am afraid that your prices, even reduced are way more than I can afford. However, as a dog lover and owner I feel I should do something. Your work is striking. Would you do a much smaller, doesn't even have to be color something small? How does one get a hold of Ryan Graff to ask him?