Friday, April 1, 2011


On this day, in the year two thousand, eleven years ago, my forever beloved Lucy
was born. She passed away on july eighteenth two thousand and one from a tragic accident
that left me crushed for a decade.

I love her still but I have found peace in her passing.

Sleep well dear girl.


ps: i no longer have photos of her in my data base so this was the only photo i could find on line. she was about to win best in her class. one point from her championship. she died less than a week later.
she never would keep her ears up. silly beast.


Kitty Cat said...

we aren't good at losing the furry ones, no we are not.
i had my Mister Torval for 18 years, best friend ever.
I love that your writing got teeny when you talked about her ears...
she looks like she was very wise...
Batman sends love to you--

Michael Zulli said...

Oh, Lucy was anything but "wise". In fact the little wingnut was hell on wheels, but she did have a nice way of destroying furniture and chewing holes in chain link fences. essentially she was a tsunami on legs.
I loved her all the more for it. The wee devil.