Friday, March 11, 2011


I rather like the idea of passing through life as gently as possible, leaving
as little trace behind me as I can. In the past, my book has been billed as a "symbolist
manifesto", which was only a phrase I dropped in casual conversation, never meant as
anything serious. If you know me you would know that the last thing I would ever want is for someone to either follow me or think that I have in any shape or form the answer to anything.
I just do what I do, nothing more.
Yes, sometimes my work can be confrontational, but I try very hard to make absolutely sure it is necessary and has a reasoned excuse to back it up, even if not instantly obvious. I loath being instantly obvious. This goes back to my wishing to move silently through life, doing as little damage to the world as possible. NO, I am not talking about recycling cans and newspapers. I AM talking about a state of being.
Positioning oneself metaphorically in the half light, neither darkness or light but the nexus between when all is possible and nothing is obvious. If that constitutes a "manifesto", I suppose that's mine.


I used to work years ago, in a largely limited pallet, of say four or five colors. I believe though I don't care for labels,( at all.) it was and is called "tonalism." Whatever. One reason for this was the influence of a very old and dear friend and my discovery at an impressionable age of J.A.M. Whistler.
Since my work in comics began, it seemed almost natural to up the wattage and I found myself slowly using more and more color until things I was doing became saturated with it. I found it a valuable learning curve to be sure, but at heart, and I mean deep down, I love the less is more aesthetic. These days I find myself looking with fresh eyes upon my youthful artistic urges with far more sympathetic eyes than has been true over the last fifteen years or so.
The saying goes "and unexamined life is not worth living." I think this very, very true.
Even if it hurts, and it very often does.

Burnt Umber.

Isn't that a lovely couple of words? Think about it and visualize it in your minds eye.

Burnt Umber
Paynes Grey
Yellow Ocher
Venetian Red
Titanium White.

That's it. All that is truly necessary to express almost anything. Lovely in it's simplicity and graceful by definition. This cycles back to a previous post about the slow evolution of subject matter and my dawning need to express myself along fresh lines, while not rejecting the past but building upon it carefully.
Because of the attention of Eidolon Fine Arts and the wonderful outpouring of support by people that are total strangers at Kickstarter, ( how utterly amazing!) there is lately a longstanding psychic knot in my mind that is slowly but surely coming undone that I am extremely grateful for.
For the first time in a very long time I feel free. That is the greatest gift anyone can give to another. I will not waste it. Ever. For any reason.



ps: hello barbara. hello world. smile.


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