Saturday, March 12, 2011

Oh, why bother.

I just broke my own rule: never look at my blog stats.
Perhaps I should just stop this nonsense and go home.

I am basically talking to myself.

Whoopie shit.



Kitty Cat said...

it's very strange, because i get the same thing, loads of people looking, almost never a comment. which really doesn't much matter in the end, as you say, we are doing it for ourselves. and we are. we are!

see you this weekend?
i plugged you & your show & IRO here:

Terry said...

I've never commented, mostly because I only just found this blog via two successive links from Gaiman's blog. If I feel intelligent enough to comment in the future, I shall. But I am going to put your blog into my daily promenade around the internet, so I shall be reading your posts.

Travel safely, enjoy your trip.

A reader

kyle cassidy said...

I read, I just don't post often.

kyle cassidy said...

i read, i just don't comment.