Thursday, September 9, 2010


Right then, here's the deal.
I have, as my doctor described, a massive case of "tennis elbow".
What!? I've never played tennis in my life, and if I had I seriously doubt I would admit it in public.
Basically it comes down to a very serious repetitive motion injury. In other words, inking like tomorrow the word was going to end and I was the only person who could save us all by my magic art powers. Well, kiss your ass goodbye.
If I don't keep it essentially immobile and NOT work, in a week or so I should be clear to resume
my work at a sane level. So, if you are someone with an outstanding commission, or the owner of a gallery, and if you are reading this you know who you are, PLEASE, PLEASE be patient.
I'm really sorry, but I don't want to play super hero and end up with my left arm in a sling for a month. I doubt I could take the pain anyway. Nobody is more chagrined than I am. Nobody takes this as personally as I do. I have to trade a week of enforced work stoppage over a month of emotionally chewing my face off because my arm is useless.
Beside it hurts like hell. And I am so extremely left handed that right now even typing this right handed is freaking me the fuck out.
Please understand. I am losing face by the second.

Right then, in more ways than one,

Much love to you all,



dogboy443 said...

We told you no more one-armed push ups...

markie said...

Good luck, dude! Hope you are resting and getting better...