Thursday, August 26, 2010


A word of advice: don't have hero's. Have people places things you admire. Idolize no one, they will eventually let you down. Realize the difference between what a person does and the person.
very rarely are they the same.
About a month out from a new "working" blog. I hope it is as special as I want it to be, warts and all.
And dear ones, there will be warts. Special warts.

I've come to the conclusion that if I work in three hour shifts and take an hour off in between, I can work a good long day. Odd, at least for me, but it seems to be doing the job and the job is getting done.
Which, is a really good thing.
I have two major commissions and two gallery pieces to do in just over a month. Might even come close.
It all depends on if the world stays off my back long enough. Frankly if I had been one of the band members on board the Titanic, I'd have been looking for a life boat baby. No way this boy could play the clarinet while the damn boat sank. See, they will always let you down.
Oh, and many of you know, because I have mentioned this before, but I have a very hard time with pen and ink. Well, not so much the pen, just the ink part. I've never considered myself a half way competent ink man. I can fake it pretty well, but not for long and close up. I just keep slogging away at it until the whole damn thing is covered in the stuff. I figure that way, any one looking will be half blind with noodling and not look to close. But recently,(like two days ago.) that if I switched to brown ink, I felt a whole lot more comfortable. It's not ink that's the culprit, rather BLACK ink that screws with my perceptions.
You all probably don't give much of a shit in the long run, but for me, it was huge.
Anything that ups my comfort level while working means a lot more good work in the end.

Hero's. They are to busy, to otherwise engaged, to elevated, to up there, to really pay attention. They will wait until you reach them before acknowledging your presence. I know, that's why I try my best to do this and avoid telling you or trying to remind myself of how "special" I am. Because I am not.
I'd like to think I have a warriors heart, but the truth is most of the time I am either in another world or scared to death of this one.
Sad, innit.

Love to you all.



chain said...

It seems you have picked up the U.P.S motto what can brown do for you. Hopefully a lot

I’m sorry to laugh but I have to, someone asked me to what is Stem punk and I told them, it’s what happens when Goth discovers brown.

I don’t know about the long run but I still give a shit.
Have a good one and stay well

Michael Zulli said...

...I thought I would die laughing!