Saturday, August 21, 2010


Here we are once again.
Simple. Sort of.
We've been dodging bullets like crazy around here and basically, we did it with only very minor flesh wounds. So, all is basically well. Enough said about that. North American twenty first century blues, man.

Today was my first day honestly spent in the studio in many months. Yeah, thee was a few moments of doubt, which under the circumstances I think rightly justified and totally normal. If fact, if I hadn't been just a touch nervous it would have been a bad sign indeed. Overblown self confidence is to my mind an indication of instability. One should have a realistic assessment of ones abilities and strive to transcend them. That is part of the process of working. If you truly believe that you've got it knocked, give up, you're dead.
Right now I have the sensation of wok gone well, and this rather unfamiliar feeling of not quite being in my body as accustomed. I let muscle memory take over and let the planning I have done for weeks now guide my mind. After awhile I settled down into the old knowledge and grabbed the thermals and set a course to my self that felt very good indeed.
But Lord, am I exhausted. I essentially started two new pieces for gallery shows this fall and corrected the mistakes in two pieces I had previously begun weeks ago but found myself bogged down in. An old lesson learned over again,...NEVER work when your guts say, NO. It's the fastest way to find yourself stranded
in the dark without a light.

Ok, now a little something for the future: I will be posting another "in progress" in a few weeks on the "Working" blog. How I love to dance on a knifes edge. Sink or swim, we will travel together to the end of the road. I hope it will be a very special piece for me, as I have been obsessing over it for weeks now... since just after San Diego.

And, yes I have purchased a run down old Victorian house for literally next to nothing to be the new home of Bent Nail Studio,...Casa Bel Canto. Now all that's left to do in a years worth of up dating and renovation that will either result in a fabulous abode of Art or a massive money pit that will drain me dry and leave me a broken man. Stay tuned. Probably both.

Looking forward to the future,

peace to you all,



dogboy443 said...

Nice to see that the Friday dead-line came and went and you blogged on Saturday. Also glad to hear that you'll be showing us more of your process. Good luck with the new house. Will it only be studio or also living space?

Michael Zulli said...

...A little , or more likely, a lot of one and just a bit of the other. As it stands right now.
After four years I can pretty much do as i please with it. Until then, there are rules by which i must abide.