Thursday, January 28, 2010


Been a while, I'm going to rightly or wrongly, assume that somebody noticed.

There has been "things" ( you know, six legs, slimy, sort of greenish..) going on in my absence.

I've finished copy-editing the text and placement of said text for the book. As of this writing it's being re-worked to the highest standard that can be managed with a great deal of talent and a very modest budget. Wonders have been worked regardless. The whole editing thing was weird though. I can see the value of another set of eyes during this process as I've been staring at this book for a very long time now. But then again, who better to do it? I know just what I want from this thing and I must put on a different hat in this case. if it's screwed up, I blame nobody but myself. As it should be I think.

But it good to me......onward. Still keeping the fingers and other sundry digits crossed for the April release.

I promise that the next novel will run much smoother. The learning curve has been just nuts. I've used more than one air-sick bag over this. (the author makes a very rude noise.)

The sickness thing has been largely cleared up...though as I write, I'm recovering from a common head cold. It's been a very long, very sick winter. I for one will rejoice when the poppies bloom again.

And, very soon, I'll actually be painting again after far far to long a time. And this time, I'll have the time to approach the act with both the time and the will to do something at the top of whatever game it is I play with myself. No more rushing because I have to be doing something to make the rent or whatever. Though I do.

Who am I kidding here? There is never, ever enough time. Or money. God I hate money. In this country it's the only crime that's unforgivable on a very deep cultural level: the crime of having no money.

Geez I'm a happy guy today eh?

Remember, question authority. You know you want to.



dogboy443 said...

We question it every day here. Always walking in to see if the doors have been padlocked.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you're sick. It's been a terrible winter for all of us, too. Steve is sick right now with as a cold as if Lola. Plus she just developed an allergy to cats and we have 3! Poor thing went to bed last night with hives all over her body.
I'd love to read the book when it comes out. Can't wait!
And I'm glad Karen left that job she hated. Life's too short to live at the bottom of the iceberg.

Anonymous said...

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