Monday, December 14, 2009

I'MA WALKIN.......

In a word, "walking pneumonia".

Hospital Thrusday evening- tests-tests and more tests.

For at least a month I've been walking around feeling like the bad end of a manure spreader

and getting worse all the time.

So, the treatment lots of rest and killer mutant drugs that make me feel even worse.

If, after ten days or so, and yet more tests, I'm not better, off to the asylum and under the tender care of nurse DeSade, who will of course, beat the bastard out of me.

Your questions WILL be answered and opinions expressed, but please forgive me if I'm not front and center off and on.

Stay well and don't desert me, I'm around, just a bit shaky.

ps: the photos i've recently put up of blue roses are not died blue. the suntory corp. has really developed a rose that is a real blue and breeds true. i just dig the hell out of it.


Spacey Tuna said...

I hope you get well soon Michael.

Sarah said...

Take it easy. We can most certainly wait for you to emerge from your illness. Be well.

D said...

Take Care Michael.