Thursday, December 31, 2009


A few things.

1. I'm finally starting to get better.

2. I can't wait for this clusterfuck of a decade to end.

3. This year I'm going to re-dedicate myself to actual painting, as it's been far and away to long since I did. I also will start the next novel. I've already plotted the thing out and have a working title. "Opal: a life in two days."

4. Try as hard as I'm able to get people to commit senseless acts of random beauty.

5. Get back here more often; I still have questions to answer.

Peace to you all in this coming year.



dogboy443 said...

Good luck on the painting Mr. Zed. Looking forward in seeing the "Boy" this year.

Sarah said...

I hereby welcome you into the new year, and a new decade. It's good to know you're on the up and up. I'll be making ventures into paint this year, too, though for me it'll be the maiden voyage. (wish me luck)