Wednesday, September 2, 2009

location, location, location.

I'm looking for someone who it so happens has read my blog from time to time.

This someone wrote to me in the late winter/early spring. The letter was very deeply appreciated and came at a time of great turmoil for me. I still have it among the few odds and ends I've kept over the years, gifts and tokens from people that have touched me personally in one way or another.

This person wrote to me from Israel. It was signed "shade". I think it was shade, but it was difficult to make out, but I'm reasonably sure that was it. To make a long story somewhat shorter, I sent this person a small drawing I had in a portfolio as a thank you. At least there was a return address on the letter, and I felt the urge to send a small token in return.

A week or so ago I received the package back marked as "unknown person". After three or more months.

This disturbed and saddened me.

I would like that person to know how grateful I was, and that I'm sorry the package went awry somehow.

Shade, who ever you are, and where ever you might be, if you read this, thank you.


ps: still looking for a really good Gauloises connection......come on folks, gimme a shout.


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chris said...

Gauloises brunes with filters:
I smoke drum meself...