Monday, March 9, 2009


Principle photography is finished. It's all in the can, and the actors have gone home with an option contratuarly to return for voice-overs if needed.
Given the current climate, expect to view in nine to twelve months.

The working title will be: "the Fracture of the Universal Boy." Timed in at just under two hours with extras

Staring: A boy
A sphinx
A demon
An angel
Three harpies
The boy older?
Mud people
The boy older still?
The sons
A painter
Sky things
A dark shape
The boy very old?
A wife, maybe two
A hawk
A little girl
A talking dog
Lots of trees
And a cast of flowers
No trailer on YouTube.
Two years and two days short of six months of blood sweat and tears, laughter, hope, fear, uncertainty, and shear joy.
I can't quite believe it's over, as something inside has gotten so used to it being omnipresent that I'm having a hard time trying to stop. Inside I'm a fun house of shattered mirrors and aching bones. But I'm not being quite fair to myself. A creeping sense of having "done it", is dawning slowly. Aw, fuck it, I'm still so shell shocked I can't make sense of it. It's to close, to personal yet.

Frankly, I really need a rest. So, rest I'll have. Until the holy monster awakens again and drives me back to work.
Ecce Homo: behold the man. What a sad disheveled fellow he is, standing before me in his ragged coat and walking stick, all travel dust and bandaged feet.
Say a prayer for him.
be kind.

PS: Prayers of mercy and peace to my friend Neil on this day. Twenty plus years of work and fellowship come streaming into my head today.
Karen and and my love to you and your family.

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chris said...

wow. Congratulations.