Thursday, May 22, 2008


Public. Service. Announcement.

Radio speak.

For those of who don't know me personally, and that probably means most of you reading this, I have two very ordinary things as abiding passions outside of all things, "Art".

Dogs and radio.

This is about the former. Dogs. Ok, maybe a plug for Soma Internet radio. Donate.

Now, back to Dogs.........

They take a lot of shit from us and still you'll never find a truer companion. They'll die for you, starve with you and guard your body when you pass away. But to many people, (and I use the term lightly.) they are only stupid status symbols, profit making objects, or worse, amusing things to torture and kill.

I've used my gifts for many years quietly raising funds to save abused and "puppy milled" bull terriers. We all have to choose when giving aid, it all goes towards the greater good, so, being an owner and lover of the breed, I give to help bull terriers. It could have been beagles, or borzoi's....whatever. The salient fact here is the giving. My personal choice for this effort is a group of two: The Willy Fund, ie: Bill Keisle and Norma Shepherd. No website.They run a simple bank account that gathers donations and uses the funds to free puppy milled bull terriers from utterly appalling conditions.

It's not tax exempt, you get no break for kindness, just the kindness itself. Straight up. And, they've been doing this for years.

Right now, they're very low on funds and I'm jumping into the breach with four new works to be used as anything from greeting card to tee shirts. Where I find the time God alone knows but find it I surely will. I'll also be selling things to support the Fund on eBay as soon as they're available. All I ask is that when you see them, please be a human being, the kind we are supposed to be, and buy, bid and help.

I'll notify everyone here when the time comes, just, please, for the sakes of creatures who have no voice, but are truly a reflection of the best and worst of your best.


love to you all,



Liesel said...

Lovely post. My dog passed away last year when he was 18 years old. I was 19, which means he was with me all my life. It was difficult for our family.

dogboy443 said...

As a Board Member of Greyhound Options, I agree that the torture and evil misuse of animals should stop! We are affiliated with tracks and kennels that have a No Kill statute. However other states, FL and TX have none of these standards and thousands of dogs are put to death just because they couldn't win a race and make money for their evil, greedy owners. Horses are treated as prince and princess' due to the low birth rate, however Greys are treated as a product due to the high litter rates. Cheaper to euthanize a hurt or odd Grey as opposed to striving to spend thousands of dollars and public attention on a hurt horse. Do we really need to have such an uproar in the press over a horse, however loved and well treated, that did not survive a surgery after a racing accident? When was the last time Grand Sire made headlines due to a broken hock?